I love spring and its right around the corner, which means I am already working on the “spring cleaning” and yearly purge.   Getting rid of the old things that have not been used in the last year or so and making room for the needful things.  This is also a great time to add in pieces and items that will help you organize your home.    Having extra storage is a must have no matter who you are or where you live and the investment is worth the expense.

Here are my top 10 must have items for organizing and dealing with the clutter so you feel in control of your house and home. So sort through, figure out what you don’t need or want any more ( The golden rule here is if it hasn’t been used in a year…it goes away ) and pick up these things to help you organize everything else.  Your house will look great when your done and hopefully everything will have a “place” which will help you stay organized all year long.

ClosetMaid 1290 Cubeicals 12-Cube Organizer, White

I love these. They come in a variety of sizes so finding one to fit your space it usually pretty easy and the cubical fabric drawers keeps things orderly and hidden ! plus adds a splash of color to a room. We have a large one in the bathroom. Drawers are packed full of things like hand towels, wash cloths, soap, toilet paper and other things I always keep on hand. Towels get stored on the upper shelves. The very top I use to display my perfume collection. It works great.

Use it anywhere you need storage. Bathroom, closets, even kids rooms. It makes a great way for them to store their toys and keep things organized.

Greenco Foldable Storage Cubes Non-woven Fabric -6 Pack-(Royal Blue)

Neat-O Over the Cabinet Cutting Board Bakeware Storage Organizer Holder

This is great. It turns any cabinet door into storage for baking pans, cutting boards or even certain lids. Get one ! or maybe two Not only will things be organized but you will free up some cupboard / drawer space also !

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Cabinet Pantry Pan and Pot Lid Organizer Rack Holder, Bronze

Having a space for everything is great, but if you have to spend time stacking those pots and pans so they look nice and neat after you wash them …. well, sooner or later, it just won’t get done right. This is a perfect solution since they just slide in and out, making prep work and clean up / put away a breeze.

Spectrum Diversified Euro Lid Organizer, Plate Rack, Chrome

and ya, they got the same kind of thing for lids !! which in our home always seem to be the biggest trouble makers in the kitchen. This keeps the organized, easy to find and at my figure tips if I need on quickly.

Black Mesh Metal Wall Mounted Storage Rack / Hanging Mail Sorter w/ Cork Board & 5 Key Hooks

My solution to the bills every month. To make sure nothing gets lost the current bills are stored on the top shelf. Once they are paid they are moved to the bottom. When the new bill comes in and I double check them to make sure things are correct I toss the old and start over. Keep a trash can below, not only for the bills but for any junk mail you carried in with you. Plus you get a spot to pin notes and a place for your keys !

Mop and Broom Holder,Imillet-Wall Mounted Orgnizer-Mop and broom Storage Tool Rack with 5 Ball Slots and 6 Hooks (Gray )

Our house is old and if it had closets at one time, they were ripped out long ago and we still have not gotten around to building in one so this has been a life saver. Hung on the wall around a corner in the hallway it keeps all my cleaning supplies in order and out of site plus I don’t have to deal with the puppy dragging out my broom every day to chew on it..

Simpli Home Cosmopolitan End Table, Coffee Brown

Upgrade your furniture. End tables, coffee tables and nightstands with drawers will help to keep the surfaces clear of clutter. Have a lot of little collectables ? Look for a coffee table that doubles as a display case.

White Cocktail Display Table

Sterilite 18958004 67-Quart See-Through Wheeled Underbed Latch Box with White Lid and Peacock Latches

Store out of season clothing, shoes, gift wrap & supplies under the beds. This is where those dust ruffles come in handy, letting you store things and keeping things tucked away and hidden. I find having boxes for everything keeps things easy to get out when I need and keeps things from getting lost under there with the dust bunnies. Best of all you can find the perfect boxes and totes for just about everything. Even shoes !