Save money and be even more creative by designing your own patterns. Its fairly easy to learn and the options are endless. Use personal photos, clipart, your personal drawings or artwork and create beautiful custom one of a kind pieces.

Hobbyware Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Software -Standard Version-Version 4.0

Pattern Maker for cross stitch is a Windows program that allows you to create and edit cross-stitch patterns. With this program you can see your patterns ‘come to life’ on the computer screen before you make the first real stitch. At any time you can print the pattern using any of several formats including a ‘symbolic’ view, which can be used as a stitching guide.

Basic Features:

  • Stitch types include: full, half, quarter, petite, back/straight, over 50 different specialty stitches, French Knots, and beads
  • Up to 240 floss colors can be used per design from brands such as DMC and Anchor.
  • Designs can have up to 999×999 full stitches.
  • Complete printing support including print preview, color printing, and options for controlling the content and size of the printout.
  • Four ways to view a pattern including:
    • Stitch – each stitch is drawn similar to how it actually appears
    • Symbolic – each stitch is replaced with a symbol with color optionally behind the symbol
    • Solid – each stitch is replaced with a filled block
    • Information – pattern information is show including the floss list
  • Drawing and editing via the mouse simply by pointing and clicking.

Create a design by:

  • Drawing it using the various stitch tools.
  • Importing a scanned photographic or other graphics image.
  • Using clipart designs (100 included) and the text entry tool to ‘build’ a design. Additional clipart designs are also available.

Hobbyware Pattern Maker Cross Stitch Software, Professional Version

Pattern Maker for Cross-stitch Pro Version with Machine Embroidery Add-on