I grew up eating stir fry so when Dave and I got together one of the first specialty things he picked up for our kitchen was a wok. It worked for a few years but the quality wasn’t great so I had to replace it a few weeks ago. We both decided we needed to invest in something far sturdier and that would hold more heat. We found this and after using it a few times I have decided its the best thing ever. Its heavy cast iron so heats up nice and hot, even on our electric stove top. ( Not ideal for stir fry but when you live in the middle of nowhere and there is not natural gas lines you make due ) It heat up evenly and I get a great sear on things. Love that the handles on on either side and it doesn’t have one sticking out that usually ends up catching on shirt sleeves or just gets in the way. It makes a mean stir fry easily. I can’t wait till summer so I can try it outside over an open fire where the heat will be even hotter and since it is cast iron I can easily cook with it on the wood stove, which isn’t an every day thing here but when the power goes out in the dead of winter ( last winter … 3 days straight, no power. We were warm though and fed ) having another option will be great ! Perfect for the weekly stir fry dishes and for us, multi purpose and usable even during those oh no emergencies !