Love this thing and it has come in handy.   When the husband and I got together most everyone was shocked and his brother,  who had been living with him along with the two kids, was not to happy I moved in.  Long story short, he did everything he could to tick me off !!  Including making sure I could hardly get a cup of coffee in the mornings.  If I went and got a cup and went back for a 2nd the pot was empty, so brew another pot only to have that one come up empty within minutes,  and it did not matter how many pots I brewed.  This happened over and over again ( mind you,  he bought one can of coffee a month and we were buying 3 cans a week dealing with this nonsense ).

Finally after 6 months of this ( seriously,  we figured he would get bored with it sooner or later ) I picked up one of these along with an electric kettle and a large coffee cup so I could sit in our room and brew my own that he didn’t have any way to get to.  Needless to say, we went back to buying just one can of coffee a week,  he was upset when he ran out of his own and found the cupboard empty, especially since I had a cup of hot fresh coffee sitting on the counter that day while I was doing dishes and cleaning.  He had an epic temper tantrum to trying to get me to give up our stash …..sorry,  but the endless supply was done…

He has since moved out …..but this little thing works so great,  I still use it when I only want a cup of coffee, not an entire pot ( I’m lucky if I can drink half of it most days ) and it comes out perfect every time.   A great item to have on hand if you only drink a few cups every morning and saves from having to toss out a bunch later on and a must have item if your dealing with a passive aggressive sibling who wants you gone so he can run the house again his way……

  • On Sale Today! EASY TO USE & GREAT FOR ON THE GO! –Pour desired amount of coffee into filter, place on top of a cup or thermos, and pour in hot water. Our stainless pour over coffee maker / coffee dripper allows you to brew delicious cups of coffee just like the baristas! Use the stainless steel coffee dripper to prepare just a single cup at a time or a small pot for several people. You can also add this to your camping equipment – it works great as a camping coffee pot!
  • ECO FRIENDLY – This Coffee dripper is made from laser cut 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel. This reusable stainless filter is the perfect alternative to throw away paper filters and is BPA free as opposed to similar plastic versions! There’s also no throw away pods like some of the other single use coffee solutions. This works great for brewing single cups, small pots, on the go, camping, and as mentioned, it is environmentally friendly!
  • EASY TO CLEAN! – Simply rinse the high quality mesh under warm running water and dry thoroughly after use. The laser cut mesh does not absorb any coffee or flavorful oils emitted from the coffee beans like a paper filter does. The makes it a breeze to clean and also produces a more flavorful taste!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – If your Arctic Pour Over Coffee Filter does not live up to your expectations, we’ll get you another one or give you a FULL REFUND within the first 30 days! BUY NOW WHILE THEY’RE STILL ON SALE!