Jailbird Organic Dark Roast is Jailhouse version of a French roast. Perfectly balanced, full of dark flavor, this coffee is a repeat non-offender. Day after day, cup after cup, Jailbird Organic Dark Roast delivers the goods every time. Jailhouse Coffee is craft roasted in small batches in Queens, New York. Legend has it that the roastery is built on the site of an 18th century jailhouse. There are no records confrming this, but it’s our story, and we’re sticking to it. Actually, there is a big “big house” just near the roastery. So who knows? At Jailhouse we use only the highest quality specialty beans from around the world, and roast to order. Our beans are packed warm, ensuring the freshest cup. At Jailhouse Coffee, we strive to use Fair Trade, USDA organic, Rainforest Alliance, KSA kosher certified beans, and we trade directly with growers whenever possible. Jailhouse Coffee… make a break for it….